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“Loric understood our songs and really brought the best out of them rhythmically, adding subtle but lovely dimension to our music.”


Hi, Loric Mathez here, I play drums, I produce and do MD / playback for artists. I own a studio where I record drums remotely and produce music with artists. As simple as it sounds like, I love making music! It'd be awesome to collaborate with you!

Credits/ CHARLYN, Congee,

Hugo Joyce, Igor Iov, Marzella, Pat Burgener, Rainstorm Society, Stain of Light, Univers Îls

and more





“A skilled musician who’s playing, attention to detail, dedication and interest make him an arranger’s dream to work with. Loric is incredibly creative and always manages to elevate the songs balancing control and emotion.”

Sebastien Heintz Singer, songwriter, musician

"Loric is a hardworking and dedicated musician who puts a lot of energy into what he does. His natural talent and assiduous work will definitely lead him to become a highly appreciated artist with a beautiful career ahead of him.”

Phil Paris





"Loric is a very accomplished producer who always brings the right elements to a project, no matter the genre. It's always exciting to hear what he will bring next!"

Hugh Neal

Feel free to contact me here and I'll get back to you asap!

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